The Inked Feminist: Body Mods and the Ownership of Self

As a (recently) tattooed girl I can so relate to this 🙂 check out x

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While I was at work the other day, a customer commented to their companion that I have several tattoos. This isn’t something particularly surprising to hear someone note, and I’m not bothered by it on its own merits. Still, there’s something disconcerting about the way a tattooed woman is treated, versus a tattooed man.

First, there is simply the fact that being “brazenly ogled” as my one friend put it is, in and of itself, a different experience for a woman than it is for a man. Women’s bodies are under constant scrutiny that men’s bodies aren’t forced to endure, and thus it gives the exaggerated scrutiny of visible ink a more sinister undertone. If an inch of tattoo peeks out from under our clothing, we’re subjected to judgments of how “unladylike” it is to have a tattoo in such a private area. Yet, this does not stop onlookers from…

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